Natural Skin Care System-Dry/Sensitive

Natural Skin Care System-Dry/Sensitive

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Calming Cleanser
Natural azulene extract in this fluid cleanser helps to soothe dry sensitive skin. Effectively cleans away dirt and makeup. Completely safe to use around eyes to remove eye makeup. Apply with warm water and use soft cloth to remove. Leaves skin clean and moist. Squalene is an organic compound found in rice bran, olives and wheat germ. Squalene oil in this product lubricates your skin while German Chamomille extracts soothe irritation leaving the face soft and clean.

Rosewater Azulene Toner
This truly naturally aromatic toner is fabulously hydrating for normal to dry complexions. Turkish rose oil is deeply moisturizing and refreshing Azulene essential oil helps calm the skin and reduces stress on the skin and relieves itchy dryness. Use twice a day after cleansing.

Skin Renewal Serum
Bee products make this serum majically regenerative and moisturizing. Natural honey works as a humectant to hold moisture on the skin. Bee proplis and royal jelly acts as anti aging enzymes that tone and lift the skin. Aloe vera and jojoba oil add additional soothing lubrication. Use daily under moisturizer.

Chamomille Creme
Roman Chamomille is known as an anti inflammatory and can help treat abcesses, sores and wounds. Chamomille helps prevent aging by naturally reducing stress on the skin. This cream relieves dryness without a heavy, greasy feeling. Use this moisturizer day or night. Can be used safely around eyes. Chamomille Creme can be used over face, neck and eye areas. It is also safe for very sensitive skins.