Natural Skin Care System-Normal

Natural Skin Care System-Normal

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Facial Cleansing Gel
This naturally soothing water soluble cleansing gel, gently and thoroughly, removes impurities and makeup. This gentle cleanser leaves the skin clean without surface dryness or a waxy residue. Made with organic rose oil for moisture and balance. Organic rose oil can also be soothing for use on minor skin irritations and stress related conditions. Sucrose Cocoate is a natural emollient added to this cleanse. It is made of sucrose esters of coconut fatty acid made from sugar beets and coconut oil. Best used for normal to slightly dry skin types or sensitive oily skins. Safe for eye area.

Rosewater Azulene Toner
This truly naturally aromatic toner is fabulously hydrating for normal to dry complexions. Turkish rose oil is deeply moisturizing and refreshing Azulene essential oil helps calm the skin and reduces stress on the skin and relieves itchy dryness. Use twice a day after cleansing.

Vitamin C Serum
This serum can fade seen spots, refine texture and reduce wrinkle formation. A highly active natural bio-available Vitamin c is delivered through this serum to give you a beautiful naturally radiant complexion. Vitamin C Serum is to be applied to face and neck once daily. Helps hydrate skin and smooth a porous appearance.

Chamomille Creme
Roman chamomille is known as an anti inflammatory and can help treat abscesses, sores and wounds. Chamomille helps prevent aging by naturally reducing stress on the skin. This cream relieves dryness without a heavy, greasy feeling. Use this moisturizer day or night. Can be used safely around eyes. Chamomille Creme can be used over face, neck and eye areas. It is also safe for very sensitive skins.